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Some Microbes Can Form Memories

 Some microbes can form memories, although inconveniently for scientists who study the process, they don’t do it very often. Rockefeller University researchers and their colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, have found a way to make bacteria encode memories much more frequently. Their discovery was described December 22 in …

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Dental implants with antibacterial activity

The scientists is developing coatings for dental implants with antibacterial activity to provide them with capabilities to ensure success when they are implanted Mouth infections are currently regarded as the main reason why dental implants fail. A piece of research by the UPV/EHU has succeeded in developing coatings capable of preventing …

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Controlling body clock

  This study established an efficient method for conducting gene-rescue experiments in mutant mice. Applying the method to knock in a series of CRY1 mutants into Cry1-/-:Cry2-/- mice, researchers discovered that multisite phosphorylation around the flexible loop domains of CRY1 determine the period length of the mammalian circadian clock in …

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